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Quality. Integrity. Appreciation.
That’s what we’re about.
We started with a single liquid soap. After our founders, Maleña and Dominic Taylor, had their first child they became more concerned with the products they use. They had already enjoyed making liquid soap as a hobby but when baby came there was little time left for hobbies. Unfortunately the choices at the local grocery store were not adequate. Dr. Bronners seemed to be the only option that had no fragrance, no detergents, and no unfamiliar ingredients. Being of entrepreneurial spirit Dominic and Malena decided to be the ones that would bring more choice to the real soap market. Being quality minded and dedicated to their principles they decided it would simply have to be the best product available and the business would have to be of impeccable integrity.
Since that first liquid soap the company and the family have gone through many changes. We no longer go under the name Taylor Family Soaps, it is now Taylor's Soap & our "Parent Company" is Taylor House llc. The name was changed to include a larger group of products and services.
We now boast a baby & Mama specific product line called “BALM! Baby”, a whole bath & body line called “Taylor's”, a "RAW Materials" line (for all us DIY lovers), a Spa Line called "Island Botanicals," a Natural Household Cleaners line called "Taylor House" and we plan to branch out into any sector that lacks quality, integrity and appreciation.
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