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Baby Comfy is a husband and wife company that creates better baby products inspired by their own parenting experiences. They share the same high-quality, safe, non-toxic brilliant baby solutions that they insist on for their own children. Peter & Elise's son Benjamin had chronic nasal congestion when he was an infant and they quickly discovered that the standard bulb and battery-powered aspirators didn’t generate enough suction to remove the deeper nasal mucus. They knew that in the wisdom of some indigenous cultures, parents used their own mouth suction to remove nasal mucus. Great! But how to do this without getting mucus in your mouth. They created the Baby Comfy Nose to trap the mucus in a receptacle and using a square of tissue paper as a filter. After inserting the nose tip into Benjamin’s nose and pulling suction, they were astonished at how much mucus came out of his little nose. Did he enjoy it? No, not really. But the huge advantage over the bulb syringe was that it was so fast that it was over before he knew what was going on. And the suction was much greater than the battery-powered aspirator. Baby Comfy Nose is the most effective nasal aspirator because it uses your own suction.
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